Add to the Resource Gallery

The Resource Gallery is a storage area for images and documents used in CMS.

Once you have added images or documents to the Resource Gallery, you can easily add them to your Web pages using the Image or Document Manager.


To Add Files to the Resource Gallery

Resource Gallery - Add New

The display name should be clear and easily recognizable to others who work on this file, now or in the future.

The description is a place to add details, such as the width for images, the file size for pdfs, or any other information that may differentiate this image from others.

Resource Gallery - descriptions


  1. From the Web Author Console, click on Resource Manager.

    Resource Gallery
  2. When the Resource Gallery appears, browse to the desired folder. Click twice on the + symbol to view subfolders.

    Resouce Manager Tree     Resource Manager - open folder

  3. Click on the Add New button in the bottom left corner, and browse to the image you would like to add.

  4. Select the file type you are adding.
      • After entering the display name and description, click OK.

        Your image should now be in your Resource Gallery, ready for you to use in your Web pages.