Create project maps

Every project page should have a project map.

Thumbnail - Project Map

185 x 185

  • A thumbnail version of the map is required on the project home page.
  • Text under the thumbnail map should say, "Click image to see the entire map." Both the map and the text should be hyperlinked to a page titled "map" that contains the large version of the project map.
  • Do not shrink the entire full size project map to make the thumbnail. Cut the map 185 x 185 pixels square, highlighting the project area.
  • The alt-tag on the project maps should describe the location. "Project Map" does not describe the project location for a blind user.

Large - Project Map

Large project map example.

  • Use the Project Specific Template for the Project Map page. Name the page "Map".
  • The display name for the map page should be:
    <insert project name> - Project Map.
  • The left navigation link should be:
    "Project Map" (Change this in the page properties, leftnav)
  • The large version of the project map should be no larger than 510 pixels.
  • A caption is required on the project map page. The caption should describe the map and the project area.

    If a customer happens upon your project map page through a search engine they may not have seen your home page. Make sure the map page has a description that puts the page in context if it's seen by itself. This is also a good place to insert keywords that will increase the searchability of the page.

    Good Example: I-5 James to Olive Paving Project Map
  • The alt-tag on the project map should read "Caption Under Map". 
  • The map border should be black and 2-pixels wide.

Project Map Colors

The colors used in the project maps.Small Project Map with Colors


Request a Project Map

To request a project map, email

Learn more about statewide map requirements.