Review checklist for project pages

Use this checklist before you submit your page to your editor for approval. If these items are complete approval is much easier.

Page Properties

  • Home page name is “default”.
  • Map page name is "map".
  • Map page title is "<project name> - Map".
  • If a Nickel or Partner Project, the funding logo is in left navigation of home page. If you need a funding logo added, please contact WebHelp.
  • Left nav names for home and map pages are "Project Home" and "Project Map".
  • The page is NOT "hide when published" (found under page properties).

Images & Attachments

  • All images have meaningful alternative text (alt tags).
  • All attachments (PDFs, Excel files or other document types) are identified after the link. For example: Important Report (pdf 15 kb)
  • All PDFs and images are optimized for the Web.  
  • All PDFs have the page properties completed.
  • Thumbnail images are no wider than 185 pixels and no heavier than 10K.
  • Large images are no wider than 510 pixels and no heavier than 30K, especially if there are multiple photos per page.
  • Maps are within the WSDOT map standard.


  • The project status box has only 3-4 bullets of information, each with only 1-2 sentences.
  • All bullets look the same.
  • Consistent spacing.
  • All text is black, unless linked.
  • Text is chunked into consumable bits. 
  • Links are in the body text as contextual links - not as url Web addresses.
  • The default ‘Link to Region’ in left nav has been changed to link to your region.
  • No body text headings are larger than Heading 4.
  • "Preview" the page in a browser to ensure it looks okay.


  • Content is consistent with WSDOT messaging and branding.
  • Spell check your content.
  • Proof for grammar and punctuation.
  • All information is written in plain talk
  • Financial information is current and in current format.
  • Contact information is listed at bottom.

If you have any questions about these requirements, email Web Help.