Request a project channel for your page

To request a project channel, please send an email to WSDOT Web Help with the following information:

  • Official project name as funded by the legislature.
  • Date by which you need the channel.
  • Name of author (or user group)
  • Name of editor (or user group) 
  • Is the project funded by the "Connecting Washington" funding package Yes or No
  • Region(s)
  • County or Counties
  • PIN (Program Item Number)
  • Suggested channel name (optional) If you have a channel name in mind, include it with your request - we will try to accommodate your suggestion.

Please allow as much advance notice as possible. 

Once your project page is approved, WSDOT Web Help will set up a project channel and home page for you. You can work on it in private until it is ready for publication.
When your project pages are ready to "go live", send an email to WSDOT Web Help and request that your channel be approved for publication. This will add your project to the main Project Index list and make it accessible to the general public.