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Format Images

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  • This page details formats for publishing photos on the Web.

    Ideal for photos.

    Color photographs, complex images, images that contain smooth gradients and subtle color variations, and images requiring more than 256 colors, use the JPEG format. These are files with the .jpg file extension.

    Ideal for maps, logos and headers.

    GIF is the standard format for compressing images with flat color and crisp detail, such as line art, logos, simple cartoons, or images combined with text. The GIF format will preserve the sharp lines of shapes and text. Graphics that you create in a vector drawing program such as Freehand or Illustrator should be saved in the GIF format. These are files with the .gif extension.

    Do not use
    Animated GIFs, clip art or stock photos.

    Photo Standards

    Region home pages or any home page that has a photo in the top right corner should have straight edges and square corners. Project pages and other photos online should have straight edges and square corners .

    Important Image Notes

    If you make changes to a graphic that you have already turned into a GIF or JPEG, start over with your original image file, which might be a Photoshop file, for example. Don't make a change to the GIF or JPEG and then compress it again. The quality of the image degrades each time you do this.

    Also, when turning an image into a Web graphic – the image should be in RGB or Grayscale. In Photoshop, change this using the Image pull-down menu and choose IMAGE, MODE, RGB Color.

    Do not use Clip Art

    Clip art refers to any prepackaged artwork, graphic images, and other designs in digital form. Clip art cheapens our brand by making us look unprofessional. This standard applies to Web pages, PowerPoint and print publications.

    If you need help with graphics, please contact Steve Riddle in the WSDOT Graphics Communication Office (360) 705-7421.

    Photos With Graphic Enhancements

    Need an arrow, circle or other graphic added to your photograph to highlight a specific part of your photo? If so, let us help. Please send your original photo, with a description of what you are trying to highlight, to WebHelp .