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Get Your PDF Files Found

The linchpin to getting your PDF files found is adding information that targets the search engine.

How to improve searchability for your PDF documents

Take the following steps to increase the searchability of your PDF documents.

  1. When you create the document, make sure that you include keywords in the content of the document. Using keywords consistently in the content, document title, and file name will improve searchability.

  2. Go to Document Properties under File - Document Properties.

  3. Enter the document title and author. The title is most important. Make sure you use a descriptive title containing  keywords that may be part of a user's search. Because search engines will display the title of the document in search results, the title should be understandable out of context.

  4. In this same Document Properties dialog box, you can view your PDF file size – make sure it is no more than 5 MB.

  5. Save your PDF file with a brief (25 characters or less) yet informative file name. The file name will appear in the Web address (the url). Do not include any spaces in the file name.