Use Brand OneDOT

The WSDOT brand is not just a logo and a shade of green. It is conduct that guides our work. We deliver projects and services, we are accountable, and we talk about what we do .

WSDOT should be recognizable by our conduct. It's the agency's identity. 

No surprises

WSDOT is the first and best source of information about the agency, whether the news is good or bad. WSDOT provides accurate, timely, complete and open communications on issues for which the agency is responsible, including current programs, projects and policies.

WSDOT cares

WSDOT is customer-focused and provides two-way communications. WSDOT staff should take advantage of opportunities to listen to our customers and employees. This fosters trust and teamwork, maintaining and improving public confidence.

Manage expectations

WSDOT tells the whole story. Building and maintaining transportation systems is not easy. Sharing successes and admitting shortcomings boosts our credibility, and helps foster understanding of the difficult decisions we make.

Strategic communicators

In addition to project information, WSDOT looks for opportunities to communicate policy, budget, or other big-picture information.

WSDOT is a can-do agency

WSDOT staff are problem solvers. Sometimes we can't meet the expectations of every customer, however, due to limited resources, conflicting public opinions and interests, legal constraints or other limitations. If this is the case, WSDOT should explain why and give workable alternatives. 

Further details and examples of WSDOT branding principles are in the Communications Manual, which is available only to WSDOT employees on the intranet.