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Post External News with CMS

All news items are in a central news channel. This allows news items to be dynamically generated on multiple (or just a single) news page(s) based on the intended audience.

Media advisories should not be published to the external Web site, unless the public is invited to the event.

How do I post my news?

News instructions are also available as a printable card (pdf 17 kb).

  1. Navigate to the correct news (current) date channel. Example: For July, 2007 news the address (URL) would be: ).

  2. Click Create New Page.

  3. Click on News. Select the NewsItem template.

  4. Enter a Description. Type a brief, interesting introductory sentence. This statement should summarize your news item.

  5. Select the appropriate Office.  If you select Statewide, the release will be posted in all news locations.

  6. Select a Local Area if the news item pertains to a specific local area.

  7. Select a Category (type of news release).  Refer to:  If I were a news item what would I be? (pdf 19 kb).

  8. Select Mountain Pass if applicable. If it's not pass-related, do not select a pass.

  9. Enter a Highway if applicable. Use proper format (e.g., I-5, SR 101, SR 9).

  10. Select Important Page ONLY if the item is high priority and urgent.

  11. Enter Contact information.

  12. Enter the contents of your news item (or if copying your content from a Word document, click on the Paste Plain Text icon within CMS and format your news content with the CMS tools).

  13. Click Save New Page.

  14. Enter a name for your news item. Do not use spaces in the name (e.g., 12_i5federalwayrampclosures ).

  15. Enter the Title of the news item in the Display Name field 
    Note: Special characters cannot be used in the Title of the news item such as &, %, $. Spell these out whenever possible.

  16. If everything looks ok, click Approve.  If you click Submit, an e-mail will be sent to everyone with permissions to the news channel.


How should I name news? 

  • Consistent, unique naming is important. If two news items have the same name, the items may not be accessible to users.

  • Items such as I-5 closures need to be specifically named to denote location such as i5_federalwayrampclosures rather than i5_rampclosures.

  • Be sure to put some type of location information in the Display Name/Title of your news item.

  • Since Year and Month will already be in the URL you will only need to use date of the day and a brief, unique news item description to name for your news item.

Refer to the examples below for details about naming news items:

  1. Display Name: News Item Title
    Overnight Ramp and Lane Closures This Week on I-5 in Federal Way (posted July 12th)

    Name:  12_i5federalwayrampclosures
    (Notice: (dd)_(highway)_(description of 4 words or less if possible)

  2. Display Name: News Item Title
    SR 410 East of Chinook Pass Partially Reopened Following July 4 Mudslides

    Name:  5_SR410PartiallyReopen


Rotating feature box on the home page

The WSDOT homepage has a rotating feature box. We welcome suggestions for that feature. What we look for when determining what items to feature are things like:

  • Statewide significance

  • Relevance to a large audience

  • Significant impact

  • Appearing "above the fold" (e.g. if it were a story in the newspaper, it would most likely run "above the fold")

  • Accountability (it demonstrates accountability in a significant manner)

If you have a suggestion that meets all or most of the criteria above, please send it to WSDOT WebHelp for consideration. If you can provide a photo or graphic and the text for the slide, that helps us create the slide more quickly.

Keep in mind that during slower news periods the criteria is far more relaxed than when we have several issues competing for home page coverage.