Post External WSDOT News with Drupal

All news items are in a central news channel. This allows news items to be dynamically generated on multiple (or just a single) news page(s) based on the intended audience.

Media advisories should not be published to the external Web site, unless the public is invited to the event.

How do I post my news?

1. Once logged into Drupal, click on Content on the top black bar on your screen. Hit the blue Add Content button, then select News Article from the list.

2. Now for the metadata, this decides where this content goes on our site:

  • Title textbox: type in an unique and descriptive but short headline. TIP: Think carefully! Whatever you type in here will be the way you can find it again and act as the end of the web address for the releases
  • Section: select News
  • Optional: select any Highways, Organizations, Regions, Mountain Passes and/or Cities the News Article relates to in the labeled fields
  • Summary textbox: type one or two sentences clearly describing the News Article. This is for RSS feeds

3. Once we know where it’s going, time to create the actual News Article:

  • Body textbox: the content that appears in the middle of the page once published. The press release contact information goes at the top, followed by the subhead and rest of our template.
  • Embed media: Link to Flickr photos with the Embed Media button (looks like a film reel strip) on your Body textbox toolbar. You will only be able to see the media once you Save or Preview the article.TIP: Do not click off or hit the x at the upper right corner of the Preview page! Scroll down to continue editing the News Article and Save it.
  • Add Photos/Documents Directly: Use the Add Media button (looks like two photos) by uploading them and/or finding them in the file Library if they are already uploaded.
  • Links: highlight what you want to make into a link and then hit the Link button (looks like a chain link)
  • Internal path: For pages/images/documents on our site (including pdf’s)
  • URL: for sites outside of our site (ex:
  • Link to anchor in text: Do not use this for News Articles
  • E-mail: opens a new email with the email address, message subject and body you chose as the default.

4. Moderation State: found under the Publishing options tab at the bottom of the page 

  • ​Draft: still needs work, it’s not quite ready for revising yet. If no one else is looking at this news release, then send it to Needs Moderation.
  • Needs review: send to editor to look over where it can be sent back to Draft if changes are needed
  • Needs Moderation: editor approved, now the Web Team will either publish it or send it back
  • Published: done and out in the world (may take up to 10 minutes for it to appear on site)Then hit the green Save button.

5. Edit saved page: There are two ways:

  1. Click Content on your top black toolbar again and look for your News Article by title. You can also sort the results by Title or Author.  Click on the blue edit link on the far right of the Pages’ row on the list to return to the edit page. 
  2. Navigate to the page within Drupal (the black toolbar will still be on top) and click “new draft”

Revision Information: Type in a short description of what you changed for each revision. These will be listed, with your username, to keep track of edits.

Getting the press release published

  1. Go to your press release on Drupal by clicking Content on the top black bar and selecting it in the Content menu.
  2. A preview of your news release will open. Click on the Moderate tab below your headline.
  3. A new window will open listing all the revision history. The most recent one (at the top) should list what is missing under the title and above the Revised by message on the left.
  4. Now that you know what is missing, click on either of the Edit Draft buttons to return to editing your news release.
  5. Once it has been fixed, scroll back down to the bottom of your Edit Draft window. Delete what is in the Moderation Notes and type in a brief description of what you fixed.
  6. Then select Needs Review in the Moderation state dropdown menu before hitting Save.
  7. You will be returned to the preview article screen. In order to send it back Web Help’s way, click on the Set Moderation state dropdown menu and select Need Moderation. Click Apply and Web Help will be notified via email.
  8. We will review the news release again. If no other issues come up, we will publish it. If you receive an email that your news release was sent back to Draft state, then redo this process again until it is published.