Maintain Your Site

Site maintenance is equally as important as creating your site. Customers expect current and up-to-date information. 


How small can your site be?  The fewer pages your site has, the easier it is for a user to find information and for you to maintain the site.

Check your stats for every page on your site. If it has less than 60 page views a month, it isn't getting visited by anyone other than search engines crawling the site. Delete the content or rework it so people will find it and use it.

Check your Web pages as often as you can, determine what content is old, and archive to CD.

If your pages are still in HTML and not in CMS yet, you can also sort the folders and files by 'date created' and 'date last modified' to weed out old lurking content.

Remember to use redirects if you move or delete pages.

Let it go? Let us know!

If you cleaned out old files, send Jeremy Bertrand the total number of files you deleted and the total size of the files you removed.

Remove Orphan Files

Orphan files are those that are no longer linked to or used. They can't be accessed by any link, but still surface through a search engine and may contain out-of-date content that could damage WSDOT's image or make WSDOT liable for incorrect information. They can be any type of file or attachment: pages, images, PDFs, or Word documents.

If the file is still useful and needed - link to it.

If the file is NOT still usable - remove it from the server by deleting it or archiving it to a CD.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links are hyperlinks that no longer take you to the corresponding page or file. Links become broken when the file or Web page being linked to is deleted or moved.

Get Broken Link Reports

The Web Team has a software program that will locate broken links within your site.

Contact WebHelp and we can run the reports and send them to you.