GovDelivery Email Subscription Services


Did you know:

  • The GovDelivery service delivers more than 5 million WSDOT messages each month.
  • We have more than 800,000 subscribers to WSDOT email alerts.
  • WSDOT offers subscribers more than 200 specialized email alerts; including news releases, information for freight haulers, traffic alerts, construction updates from all around the state and timely reports of mountain pass conditions.


Why is WSDOT using GovDelivery's email subscription management services?
WSDOT operated more than 70 independent email distribution lists on an in-house computer system. Messages were often delayed and list maintenance was labor intensive.  GovDelivery provides software as a service that automates much of WSDOT's message delivery process. GovDelivery has the infrastructure to securely deliver more than 100 million government messages each month.

The End Result
Improved email and text message distribution services with more timely message delivery for the public and improved tools for WSDOT staff.

Project Benefits

  • Single sign on - The customer only has to sign up once and they can choose to receive email or text messages from any participating WSDOT program.
  • Mobile support - WSDOT staff can create short text messages specifically for mobile devices. GovDelivery formats text messages to meet the requirements of the different wireless carriers.
  • Web updates generate automatic email updates - WSDOT can automatically send email announcements whenever we update selected portions of a Web page. If we update a meeting notice on a Web page, email distribution service will automatically send email to give people a Web link to the new information.
  • Business continuity - If our servers or networks break down we can still broadcast text messages through the GovDelivery service. Even if all we had were a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, we could send email and text message alerts to all of our subscribers.
  • Improved service in a crisis - Heavy traffic typically creates delays on the Washington state government network.  GovDelivery provides an alternate path to the internet for immediate message distribution.
  • Reporting - Management reporting of subscriber statistics and click through traffic from email to the WSDOT Web is available.


What is the project timeline?
This project has been fully operational since we started migrating our listserv subscribers to GovDelivery in November 2008. 

Financial Information
GovDelivery was contracted through the Federal Consulting Group, an activity of the United States Department of the Treasury.

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