Update or delete your GovDelivery account

Access your GovDelivery Account

  1. Select the email updates link in the upper right corner of any WSDOT web page. 

    Govdelivery email updates link
  2. Use the dropdown arrow to select  your subscription type ( email or SMS/text message ).   

      Subscription type dropdown menu
  3. Enter the email address or wireless telephone number you used to open your GovDelivery account.
  4. Select Go to access your account.
  5. A Quick Subscribe page with your topic selections will appear. 

Unsubscribe from one or more topics

  1. At the  Quick Subscribe page, uncheck the box(es) next to the topic(s) you no longer want. 

    Quick Subscribe topics list

  2. Click the Submit button to update your subscription. 

    Submit button
  3. You will see a confirmation that your subscriptions have been updated.  
    GovDelivery subscription confirmation  

    If you wish, you can subscribe to information provided by other GovDelivery partners featured on the page.

Unsubscribe from all topics and delete your account

  1. Access your GovDelivery account. 
  2. At the Quick Subscribe page, select subscriber preferences.   GovDelivery subscriber preferences  
  3. At the Subscriber Preferences page, select delete my account. GovDelivery delete my account link  
  4. You will see a warning message that if you choose to unsubscribe from all topics and delete your account, it cannot be undone.  GovDelivery warning message
  5. Select  Ok to unsubscribe from all topics and delete your account.

For questions or additional assistance, contact WebHelp@wsdot.wa.gov .