Insert Documents

Linking to PDF, Word, or other documents is a two-step process.

  1. Upload the document to the CMS Web server (called the Resource Gallery).
  2. Link to the document from your Web page.

Check your document file name

Before you upload a document, make sure that the document file name is:

  • Less than 25 characters long
  • Does not contain any spaces or special characters such as commas or hyphens. Because spaces are not allowed, it is helpful to begin each word in the document file name with a capital letter.

Example: TravelOptions1108.pdf
Travel Options Info - November, 2008.pdf

I. To upload file to Web server

  1. Click on the Document Manager button.

    Document Manager button

    The Document Manager appears.
  2. Navigate to the folder location where you would like to store the document. To view the sub files or folders, double-click on the folder.
  3. Click on the folder where the document will be stored. You should see the folder address in the Directory box.
  4. Click on the Upload Documents tab.
    Display Name
    The display name that you enter will appear in the Resource Gallery. it will not display on your page   Use at your discretion. You might want to leave information about the file for future users.  

  5. Click on Browse, locate your document file, and click Upload.

    Your document is now uploaded to the Web server.

    The maximum file size allowed for documents is 5 mb.
  6. Close the Document Manager.

Now you need to link the document.


    II. To link a document  

    1. Select the text or image that will become the hyperlink to your document.
    2. Click on the Document Manager button.
      Document Manager button

      The Document Manager appears.
    3. On the Document Manager, click the Browse button, locate the document, and then select it.
    4. In the Tooltip box, type your ALT tag. The ALT tag is a short summary of the document contents or purpose.

      The icon of the wheelchair denotes options that increase accessibility.Tooltips/ALT tags are required for accessibility. They are read aloud by accessibility programs. 
    5. Leave the Target box blank.
    6. Click Insert. Your document is linked.

      Test the linking using Preview on the Web Author Console.
    7. Add the file type and size after the link.

      For example:

      File name (pdf  100 kb)

      File name (doc 30 kb)


      Tips on Linking Documents

      • Don't Overuse Document Files

        Web pages download faster and are more accessible than Word or PDF files.  If your content can easily be converted, make your Word .doc or PDF into a Web page.
      • Word Is For Internal Use Only

        Do not use Word documents on the external site. Users need the Word program to download the file - you can't guarantee that every computer has the program.
      • Make All Documents Web Optimized

        Large file sizes and unsearchable PDFs are not helpful for our customers. You should always save your files to be Web optimized and consider the search properties of any document. Learn more about PDF optimization and searchability.