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Create New Pages

  1. Using Internet Explorer, browse to the main page of the site where you'd like to add a page.
  2. For example, if you wanted to add a new page to the Design Policy site, you would navigate to: Design/Policy /default.htm.
  3. Once at the main page, click in the address bar and replace www in the address with the word edit.

    Switch to edit - www

    Switch to edit - edit.

  4. After you type edit, hit the Return key, and the Web Author Console appears.
  5. Web Author Console First
  6. On the Web Author Console, click Switch to Edit Site.
  7. The Console menu expands.
    gif file.
  8. Click Create New Page.
  9. The Template Gallery appears.
    CMS Template Gallery.
  10. From the Template Gallery, click on the desired category of template.  

    The Select Template menu appears.
  11. Select a template.

    If you are confused about what template to use, check the online template descriptions , ask another CMS user who works in your area - or, if all else fails, contact WebHelp .
  12. From the Select Template menu, click on Select in the middle column next to your template choice.
  13. Your new page appears in Edit mode, ready for use.
    However, before you begin working, you must first save the new page .