Copy and Paste from Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word documents contain “behind the scenes” code that will carry over into CMS during the copy/paste process. It will cause the text on your web page to display incorrectly.

You can avoid this problem by selecting Paste Plain Text from the CMS toolbar when you copy and paste from Word into CMS.

Home tab, copy button in MS Word


  1. Select the text to copy from your Microsoft Word document. If you want to select all of the text, use these shortcut keys: Control (Ctrl) + A
  2. Copy the text. In Microsoft Word, under the Home tab, select Copy or use these shortcut keys: Control (Ctrl) + C
  3. Open your web page in CMS. Make sure your cursor is inside the placeholder where you want to paste the text.
  4. On the CMS toolbar, select Paste Plain Text.
  5. Do not select Paste.  The two buttons are next to each other on the toolbar so look carefully for the right one.

    Do not select the Paste button from the toolbar

  6. When you use Paste Plain Text , the extra code from Microsoft Word will not be included in the copy/paste process. Also, any text formatting in Word will be lost. That’s why it’s best to wait to format the text until after you’ve pasted it into your web page.
  7. Format the text  using the tools provided on the CMS toolbar.