Plan a Drupal Conversion

Take the following measures for WSDOT staff and contractors converting a site or page to CMS.

How to plan a site conversion

Part of site conversion is to make clear the site's purpose. All site elements must support that purpose. Because we need a site is not an organizing principle. Content managers must participate and be available for this process to be successful.

  1. Discuss the site's purpose with the site owner. Get them to be specific about its audience and use.
  2. Analyze how the site gets used. The Web Team can help you with this.
  3. Clean up and get rid of unnecessary or unused aspects of the site. This includes running an orphan file report the site's folder on the Web server. Again, the Web Team can help you with this.
  4. Conduct a sticky note exercise to tweak, restructure or otherwise improve the navigation.
  5. Wireframe the results of your research. Get buyoff on the wireframe(s).
  6. Put together a sample home page and get feedback and buyoff from the content manager.
  7. Map your navigation.

Convert a site

The Web Help team is currently going through all office sites alphabetically for Drupal conversion. Please contact the Web Help team if you have any questions about where we are on that list.