Accessibility and Section 508

In Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act , state agencies that receive federal funds are to provide accessible websites.

Your role in accessibility

As a government agency, we serve all citizens in our state, which includes those with disabilities. If you post documents to WSDOT's website, it is important to provide accessible information to all citizens -- those who use screen readers or other assistive devices and those who do not. 

If you are asked to provide information in a more accessible format, the following tools and instructions are available to help you. You may also contact or Web Help for assistance.

Learn how to make accessible documents

Read and watch the instructional information we've created. These training tools provide step-by-step instructions about how to make documents more accessible. Several options are available.

  1. Create accessible PDFs using Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 or 9

    Learn how to make PDFs accessible using Adobe Acrobat Professional's accessibility tools. You must have a license to use Adobe Acrobat Professional Software Version 8 or 9 to make PDFs accessible. If you do not have a license, check to see if someone in your office does or contact your local IT Help Desk. WSDOT staff have access to an intranet video on this topic at:
  2. Make accessible PDFs from Word 2007 documents

    If you frequently create PDFs from Word 2007 documents, you can adjust the settings in Microsoft Word to enhance the accessibility of the resulting PDF. The PDFs you create from Word will have few, if any, accessibility issues. Let the software do more of the work for you. WSDOT staff have access to an intranet video on this topic at: 

  3. Create accessible text files from PDFs

    If you have complex document that you cannot make fully accessible, create a text file (.txt) to post to the website. Learn how to create an accessible text file from a PDF as an alternative for site visitors who use screen readers or other assistive devices.

  4. Make accessible tables

    Learn how to use the table wizard to make your tables more accessible.

  5. Prepare InDesign files for accessibility 

    If you use InDesign, watch Adobe's video presentation on how to prepare your files at:

    You may also download a pdf on this topic:

Now that you know some of the standards we follow, let's learn about CMS roles and permissions.