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Punctuation Guidelines

In most cases, WSDOT follows Associated Press (AP) style. The best source for checking is an Associated Press Stylebook, but help is also available online.

ampersand (&)
Only use the ampersand when part of a company’s formal name: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad; do not use an ampersand for general references like park and ride.

Use only one space between sentences.

quotation marks
Follow Associated Press guidelines.

A few key points:

  • Use sparingly.

  • Use single quotes in headlines.

  • A word or words being introduced to readers may be placed in quotation marks on first reference only.

  • The period and comma always go within the quotation marks.

  • The dash, semicolon, question mark and exclamation point go within quotation marks when they apply to the quoted matter only. They go outside when they apply to the whole sentence.