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Oversize/overweight permits - Top six questions

1.  Where do I find mileposts?
Mileposts are on the State Route Milepost Map. You will need a beginning and ending milepost for each state route that you are using with single trip oversize/overweight permits. There is a state wide map and a Puget Sound/Seattle Area map.

2.  Do I need pilot/escort vehicles?
A pilot/escort vehicle and operator must comply with the requirements of WAC 468-38-100 Escort vehicle requirements. Pilots/Escort vehicles are required when:

  1. Vehicle(s) or load is over 11 ft. in width; escort cars (both front and rear) are required on all two lane highways.
  2. Vehicle(s) or load is over 14 feet wide; one rear escort vehicle is required on multiple-lane highways.
  3. Trailer length including load exceeds 105 ft., of a tractor/trailer combination, requires a rear escort car on all two-lane highways.
  4. Trailer length including load exceeds 125 ft., of a tractor/trailer combination, requires a rear escort car on multiple-lane highways.
  5. Rear overhang of a tractor/trailer or truck/trailer combination exceeds 1/3 of the trailer length
    including load, requires one rear escort on two lane highways.
  6. Rear overhang exceeds 20 ft. of a single unit vehicle, requires one rear escort car on two-lane highways.
  7. Loads exceed 14 ft. and 6 inches high, one escort vehicle is required in front equipped with a height pole. Manufactured housing requires front escort with height pole when exceeding 15 ft. in height. The Department does not guarantee height clearances; therefore, on any route where the height is in question, a front escort vehicle equipped with a height pole should be used.
  8. In the opinion of the Department of Transportation, escort vehicles are necessary to protect the traveling public, for any over-dimensional and/or overweight move, either across, upon, or along a highway. 

3.  Can I buy my permit at a weigh station?
No, permits cannot be purchased at the weigh stations. You will need to have your permits prior to entering the state or before moving your load. Here is a list of permitting offices and agents.

4.  Can I buy my permit(s) online?
Yes, if you are a self issuer you can obtain most types of permits yourself. See Online Self Issue permits for more information.

5.  What is a Western Regional Permit?
A Western Regional permit allows non-divisible loads to move between member states with one permit. Read more about the Western Regional Permit. This permit enables commercial vehicle customers to purchase one permit for travel to 12 states.

6.  How much are permits?

  • Trip (temporary license) permits are $25 (valid for 3 days)
  • Fuel (Temporary IFTA) permits are $30 (valid for 3 days)
  • Width and height permits are $20 per month
  • Length permits are $10 per month
  • Single trip oversize permits are $10 per trip
  • Weight permits are based on your gross weight over your legal weight. (Special Permit - Fees)

See our Permit Types and Information for more details about specific permits.

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