Understanding your Layoff Rights

The layoff process is confusing. As an employee you may be eligible for bumping rights, unemployment insurance, statewide layoff pools and other benefits you may not be aware of. We will work directly with you to ensure that you have the opportunity to use every layoff right you're entitled to.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Writing resumes and letters of interest are arcane skills that few have mastered. Different sectors (public, private, non-profit) prefer different formats and may be looking for specific information. Our staff have created proven templates and are also available to work with you to help edit, as well as teach, the basics of how to structure and what to put in your letters of interest and resumes.

Navigating the Electronic Recruitment World

The world of paper applications and making office calls to present your resume to an office is quickly becoming a thing of the past as electronic job postings and application processes standardize in all sectors. Knowing how to create an aesthetically pleasing electronic resume and how to submit a complete electronic application are skills that our staff can help you understand and master.

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Finding and Applying for Jobs

There are literally hundreds of different sites with job postings and opportunities.  Very few of them are worth your while. A person unfamiliar with the recruitment and application processes could spend an entire working day filtering through electronic and paper mediums to find the relevant job opportunities. Our staff are experienced in where to find the industry specific jobs you'll be looking for. Our job postings website is updated daily and posts job specific positions from all over the web in one central location.

Interview Preparation

No matter how good of a public speaker you may be, interviewing well is a learned skill that most of us don't get enough opportunity to practice. Our staff are available to conduct small group, individual or online training on common interviewing techniques, understanding what to say and when, pre and post interview etiquette as well as providing mock interviews constructive skills assessment to help you ace that interview.

1:1 Fine-tuning

The job market is competitive right now.  For some, even with all of the work you may have already put into updating your resume, learning how to write a letter of interest, searching and applying for jobs, you may still find yourself not getting those call backs from employers. If you're still not getting the interviews or call backs, our staff are available to work with you one-on-one to fine-tune your employment package so that both your application and you stand out from the crowd.