Employment Websites

Half the work involved in finding employment is knowing where to look initially. The Internet gives applicants 24X7 access and employers 24X7 exposure, but getting started in an electronic job search can be confusing.

Listed below are a number of employment websites. From the recruiter's perspective, these sites are usually the ones where the majority of jobs are advertised. By learning how to navigate and check these sites on a daily basis, a job seeker can quickly assess who is hiring.

On the local scene, newspaper Internet employment want ads usually give a good picture of what is happening in that paper's circulation area. Be advised that there are also a number of "niche websites" designed for specific employment opportunities. Recruiters use these sites because they are inexpensive and very focused on a targeted audience.

Popular Employment Websites

Newspaper Internet Job Sites

When clicking on the links in this section, you may be navigated to the newspaper’s main home page. If this occur, click on the “jobs” tab and it will direct you to the employment page. If you have questions please contact CareerServices@wsdot.wa.gov.

Private Sector

Employment Agencies
A viable option during a job search is making contact with employment agencies. For the most part, these firms are retained by employers to speed the hiring process. A nationwide trend currently used by private sector firms is to hire employees on a temporary to permanent basis. This means that a company has an opportunity to fully assess an individual's skills and abilities before making a commitment to a full-time position. Because the hiring company pays any fees, the service is free to well-qualified job seekers. Employment agencies can be particularly effective in local areas where they maintain an office and staff. They will have business relationships with a number of firms and will also have a good idea of what jobs are available as well as future openings.

Public Sector