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For more information about Quieter Pavements at WSDOT, please contact:

Tom Baker , State Materials Engineer

Jeff Uhlmeyer , State Pavement Engineer

Tim Sexton , Noise Policy Manager

Travis Phelps , WSDOT Communications

State Materials Laboratory
1655 S 2nd Ave
Tumwater, WA

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Shannon Huber

Longitudinal Tining

Open-graded asphalt pavements, like those used on I-5, SR 520, and I-405 have been consistently measured as the “quietest” pavements in other parts of the world. However, different concrete pavement surface textures has also shown potential to reduce tire/pavement noise compared to standard transversely tined concrete that was traditionally used to maximize friction. Concrete usually lasts longer that asphalt, but has a higher initial cost. WSDOT has begun investigating some of the concrete surface texturing options available, including Next Generation Concrete Surfacing (NGCS), carpet drag concrete, diamond grinding, and longitudinally-tined concrete, which runs in the same direction as traffic.

Longitudinal Tining:  Performance over time on I-90, Cle Elum vicinity