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Pavement Design

A properly design and constructed pavement is on that allows traffic to move over it safely and efficiently at the lowest cost over time.  The pavement Design Section of the Headquarters Materials Lab ensures that highway pavements are properly designed by providing the oversight, expertise and design tools required for pavement design.  All Pavement Design Requirements are included in the WSDOT Pavement Policy.

HMA Paving DBR Insert FWD Testing

Pavement Design Requirements

Falling Weight Deflectometer

The Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) is a non-destructive testing device used to complete structural testing for pavement rehabilitation projects, research, and pavement structure failure detection. FWD enables the WSDOT to determine a deflection basin caused by a controlled load. Results make it possible to treat pavement structures in the same manner as other civil engineering structures by using mechanistically based design methods.

Software Programs

The FWD Backcalculation Software may not work on computers running VISTA or Windows 7.

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FWD Area Software
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The current suite of EVERSERIES Software programs do not install or run on Windows 7 Professional and Ultmate. Windows XP mode has to first be installed on Windows 7 and then the EVERSERIES Software programs should be installed using the XP mode. 

Please reveiw the information contained on the following links:
  How does Windows XP Mode Work?
  Download Windows XP Mode with VIrtual PC

The needed software update for Windows 7 is recognized, however, a timeline for completion has not been established.

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Everseries Software
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