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Materials Evaluation Program

The Materials Evaluation Program (MEP) is a web based means of submitting materials to be prequalified for use on a construction projects. This program automates the process of applications processing , tracking and updating the Aggregate Source Approval database(ASA), the Qualified Products List, and the New Products program. This program combines three different application processes into one. Material supplier will be able to access website to process an application(request for product evaluation). The MEP will assign a tracking number and send an alert the Qualified Products/ASA Engineer that an application has been submitted. It will also track when payment is made for the process and allow for the interaction with the individual material supplier to inform them of what the requirements necessary to become a qualified for a specific product are and send them an estimate pay sheet for the cost. The individual material supplier will then be able to make an electronic payment for the process. Once payment is made the program will automatically notify the Qualified Products/ASA Engineer that payment has been made. It will track the process and update the QPL database or ASA database as necessary once the process is completed.

How to setup the Materials Evaluation Program

  1. Read the step-by-step setup instructions (pdf 66 kb).
  2. Set up an account in SecureAccess Washington (SAW) and log in.
  3. Set up Materials Evaluation Program as a service in SAW: from the 'My Secure Services' menu, select Department of Transportation, then select Materials Evaluation Program.

Questions, comments, or requests?

Please contact our office:

Zach Kane

Maha Ablson
QPL Engineer

Rob Molohon
Materials Quality Assurance Engineer