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WSDOT supplements its performance reporting with research and other documentation related to the field of transportation, performance measurement, and accountability.

Weekly Reports

Every week, WSDOT compiles information from its regions and programs to give the public a better understanding of how the department keeps Washington State moving. Each report includes a project highlight, a maintenance activity highlight, updates of other projects underway, announcements, a Gray Notebook highlight, and meeting notices. The weekly report is available via RSS syndication and as a downloadable Mp3 podcast.

Transportation Performance Measurement Library

The work that WSDOT is engaged in is not done in isolation. WSDOT works with, and learns from other state DOTs and highway agencies and organizations to learn how to improve operations, project delivery, and performance communication. WSDOT includes links to all 50 state DOTs and their key performance publications as a resource to researchers and other transportation professionals.

WSDOT Performance Measurement Presentations and Publications

In addition the Gray Notebook archives, WSDOT archives its other publications related to transportation performance measurement here. The archive is divided into four categories. All files are available as downloadable Adobe PDF files.


Folios are double-sided brochures produced by WSDOT on a variety of topics. These documents help to better explain programs, technologies, and methodologies used in delivering projects or maintaining the existing transportation system.


Presentations include a collection of PowerPoint Slides (available only as PDF files) that focus on performance measurement and accountability at WSDOT.

Reports and Papers

Reports and Papers include professional research documents presented to professional and academic associations on performance measurement and accountability topics.

Gray Notebook Supplemental Information

Gray Notebook Supplemental Information include documents that correspond with one Gray Notebook article specifically, and include supplemental data or information not included in the printed version of the Gray Notebook.

Transportation Benchmarks

Prior to the 2007 Legislature’s creation of the Transportation Policy Goals, Washington State used a series of ‘Transportation Benchmarks’ to monitor progress on a variety of transportation topics, and the performance of WSDOT related to such benchmarks. Each year, WSDOT created a report on its performance, and made a presentation to the Washington State Transportation Commission as required under state law (at the time).
The Transportation Benchmarks were phased out, but represent an important assessment, over time, on a variety of critical transportation areas, and are thus necessary for archiving.

Public Opinion Research

Over the years, WSDOT has conducted public opinion research to evaluate the opinions and thoughts of Washingtonians on their current and future transportation system. The research covers a wide spectrum of topics, and all files are available as a downloadable Adobe PDF file.