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Gray Notebook 56

The Gray Notebook (pdf 5.1 mb) is published quarterly in February, May, August and November.
    Gray Notebook 56 Lite

The Gray Notebook Lite (pdf 3.0 mb) is published alongside each edition of the full Gray Notebook.

WSDOT's Goals, Performance and Trends

WSDOT's Goals, Performance and Trends (pdf 1.1 mb) is a quarterly update of the key performance indicators reported on at WSDOT.

2014 Corridor Capacity Report

The 2014 Corridor Capacity Report (pdf 6.9 mb) was published in October 2014. More information is available at the Congestion Reporting page.

A decade of transparency: The Gray Notebook

The Gray Notebook (pdf 5.1 mb) is the Washington State Department of Transportation's quarterly accountability report. Starting with the first report in May 2001, the agency has used the quarterly document to provide the latest information on system performance and project delivery.

The latest report, published February 2015, marks more than a decade of clear and consistent reporting on the transportation system spanning 56 editions. This issue features annual articles on bicyclist and pedestrian safety, pavement, highway maintenance, environmental compliance, construction cost trends and tolling, as well as semi-annual reports on travel time trends and freight rail. Quarterly updates range from incident response and passenger rail to Lean.

The Gray Notebook acronym guide has been moved online and combined with the WSDOT acronym guide for easy reference.

The 2014 Corridor Capacity Report (pdf 6.9 mb), was published in October 2014.

Gray Notebook Lite

Each edition also comes with a summary edition, called the Gray Notebook Lite (pdf 3.0 mb), which includes the publication's highlights in a format perfect for quicker reading. The Lite offers an overview of each edition, with a short synopsis of the primary topics. It is published as a four-page folio and includes WSDOT's Goals, Performance and Trends.

WSDOT's Goals, Performance and Trends

WSDOT's Goals, Performance and Trends (pdf 1.1 mb) is an overview of the key performance indicators for five of the six policy goals. It shows the current and previous performance mark for each measure, and indicates which way the program is trending.

Gray Notebook organization

The Gray Notebook is organized in six sections aligned to the state's transportation policy goals. Each edition features quarterly and annual reports on key agency functions, providing regularly updated system and program performance information (in editions 1-29, this section was referred to as the "White Pages"). Annual system performance updates are rotated over four quarters based on data availability and relevant data cycles, to provide in-depth analysis of topics such as asset management, aviation, freight, and highway maintenance.

Reports on the delivery of projects funded in the 2003 Nickel transportation funding package, the 2005 Transportation Partnership Account (TPA) package, the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), and by Pre-Existing Funds (PEF), appear in the Stewardship section. These reports were known as the "Beige Pages" in editions 10-29 of the Gray Notebook, and are still printed on beige paper so they can be quickly found. They contain summary tables, detailed project articles, and financial information supporting WSDOT’s “no surprises” reporting focus. The Stewardship section also presents articles covering finance, workforce, and similar cross-cutting management issues.

Publication frequency and archives

The Gray Notebook is published quarterly in February, May, August, and November. Information is reported on a preliminary basis as appropriate and available for internal management use. It is subject to correction and clarification. Revisions will always be shown in the on-line version, and any subsequent print editions as may be released. The most recent edition and all past editions are available as PDFs online by visiting the Gray Notebook Archive. The performance measures are archived individually online, available in the Gray Notebook Subject Index.