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Gray Notebook Subject Index: Pavement Conditions

The table below lists subjects included in the most recent four years of the Gray Notebook (2014-2017). Visit the full Pavement Conditions Subject Index.

Pavement Conditions on State Highways
Subject/Topic 2014201520162017 
Asset sustainability ratio for WSDOT flexible pavement14/Q415/Q416/Q417/Q4
Chip seal pavements (BST Surfaces)14/Q415/Q416/Q417/Q4
Concrete pavement lane miles by age
Cost to users from driving on rough roads14/Q4
Deferred preservation liability14/Q415/Q416/Q417/Q4
Lowest Life Cycle Cost (LLCC) Management  16/Q417/Q4
Pavement Conditions14/Q415/Q416/Q417/Q4
Pavement preservation funding14/Q415/Q416/Q4
Pavement rehabilitation needs & backlog14/Q415/Q416/Q417/Q4
Pavement smoothness: Relationship to vehicle miles
Preservation strategies & preventive maintenance
Remaining service life of WSDOT pavement14/Q415/Q416/Q417/Q4
State & Federal Pavement Performance Measures   
        Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) 
        pavement goal
        MAP-21 pavement measure14/Q415/Q416/Q417/Q4
        Results Washington: Pavement measure14/Q415/Q416/Q417/Q4
Sustainable pavement management practices14/Q4 
Vehicle miles traveled by pavement type  16/Q4
WSDOT pavement lane miles by type14/Q415/Q416/Q417/Q4
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