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Gray Notebook Subject Index: Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety

The table below lists subjects included in the most recent four years of the Gray Notebook (2014-2017). Visit the full Bicyclist and Pedestrian index.

Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety
Subject/Topic 2014201520162017
Bicycle & Pedestrian documentation project14/Q4
Bicyclist Fatality Rates14/Q4 16/Q117/Q1
Bike share programs14/Q4
Count Porgram and Technology  16/Q117/Q1
Most "Bicycle-Friendly" states rankings
Factors in Vehicle/Pedestrian Collision  16/Q1
Pedestrian & Bicycle safety grant program14/Q4   
Pedestrian Fatality Rates14/Q4 16/Q117/Q1
Results Washington: Bicyclist & Pedestrian
Fatalities Measure


Safe Routes to Schools Grant Program
Safer People-Safer Streets Program14/Q4
School Age Pedestrian and/or Bicyclist Fatalities14/Q4
U.S. Bicycle Route System14/Q4
Walking & biking trends/counts  16/Q117/Q1
Washington State Bicycle Facilities & Pedestrian
walkways plan

WSDOT's Strategies for Reducing Bicyclist and
Pedestrian Fatalities




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